Apt Lock

Apt Lock is a simple script that can solve Aptitude being locked down until a restart.

NOTE: It is advised you dont use this unless you REALLY need to.

Persistent Edge Fucker Installer.bat

Persistent Edge Fucker Installer.bat is a complex script that allows a user to install another script that checks for an installation of Microsoft Edge at user logon.

NOTE: You will need to make exceptions in your antivirus to use this script due to the way it runs.

Filename To Filehash.bat

Filename To Filehash.bat is a simple script that gets a list of all files in the directory of the script and renames them all to their hash specified by the user while also removing duplicates in the process. (Does not run recursively)

NOTE: You might need to make exceptions in your antivirus to use this script due to the way it runs.

log4j patcher

log4j Patcher is an archive containing scripts for both Windows and Linux that allow for patching the JdniLookup exploit via deleting the respective .class file.

NOTE: The script is very aggressive and will downright remove the JdniLookup.class file regardless of if it's vulnerable or not.


YT-DLP.bat aims to make using YT-DLP easier for the end user. It features 3 mods, one being audio only the second one being video only and the last one being both video and audio.

NOTE: This script will download ffmpeg and YT-DLP and store them within the Neopolitan folder located in the programfiles folder, because of this you may need to make exceptions in your antivirus.

Windows Fonts on

Windows Fonts on downloads all the fonts available by default in Windows onto linux. This is useful for pages like which use fonts that are stored locally instead of using fonts hosted remotely like most websites do.